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How to use the power of manifestation in your life!

December 2014 was the first time I proclaimed I would move to Los Angeles in June 2015. I wrote the date in my journal, and when I hosted my annual Christmas party that month, I told friends and family “this will be my last Christmas party I host in this city because I’m moving to LA.” I knew I needed change and it was time to move in a different direction, but I was unsure how I would make it happen.

At the time, the word manifestation was not something I was familiar with, but I felt convicted that I needed to say out loud and believe in my heart that change was coming. In January 2015 I attended a workshop hosted by a life coach, and one of the activities was to create a vision board. Again, not familiar with the concept of “law of attraction” I just thought “this is a fun way to put my dreams on paper,” so I put all my hopes and desires on a poster board and hung it up in my room when I returned home.

I continued working in my hometown of Philadelphia during the winter months and into the spring. I was dating someone at the time who introduced me to a friend who lived in LA and when I visited Los Angeles in May, she and I grabbed coffee and talked about my goals and visions for the future. At the end of our coffee date, she said, “you could sublet my place if you want because I am moving.” I told her I needed to think about it, but the entire time I felt a fire of fear and excitement inside of me. I flew back to Philadelphia, opened my journal to write out all the pros and cons about moving to LA and happened to open to the page where I wrote “in June 2015 I am moving to LA.” I began to cry happy tears because the intentions I set were coming to fruition. In June 2015, I left a comfortable corporate job, packed up my apartment, and moved to LA.

As the year continued, I realized that everything I said would happen was unfolding in greater ways than I could imagine. That was when I realized the true power of manifestation. Since then, I’ve learned a lot about manifestation and how it works. When some people think of manifestation, it is believed that “you put out into the universe what you want, and it just happens.” The truth is, bringing your dreams to life works by setting the intention, releasing it to the universe, and working for it. You can say “I will make a million dollars in my business” but without the work, nothing changes.

Another thing I’ve learned about manifestation, as I’ve continued to develop my business, is the importance of not forcing the intention. First, you have to proclaim what you want, write it down, create a vision board, and repeat it often. Second, you must clearly envision the dream, do visualization meditation where you can see and feel the vision coming to life, speak about this dream as if it is already yours (because it is). As you do this, you must let go of trying to force it to happen on your timeline. If you truly believe, you have to set the intention and then place it in the hands of the Universe. Believing in something means you don’t have to force it to happen because you know the power of belief and you can feel in your heart that it will happen.

Set the intention, detach from the timeline, do the work and continue to believe that every detail of your beautiful dream is possible, because it is.

Manifestation can work for you if you believe and take the steps needed to make it happen. Working with a coach on understanding the power of manifestation and the way to make it work in your own life can be beneficial for your growth and in obtaining the life you desire.

I want to see you create a life that YOU love. If you're interested in working with me, please click the link below and fill out the form letting me know what your goals are so we can develop a coaching plan that works for you. I combine manifestation and coaching strategies that will help you get out of your own way and create a life you don't feel you need to escape from.

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