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Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Website!

Maybe you're at the beginning stages of creating your website, maybe it's all just brainstorm on paper right now OR perhaps your website could use a boost in conversions. If your bounce rate is high, that could mean you're not capturing your visitors attention and this could indicate that your website could use some editing. (Quick note: an above average bounce rate falls between 26-40% and average is about 41-55%. You can find out what your bounce rate is on google analytics, so check that out if you haven't already).

Wherever you are in your site creation journey, these 3 tips will help you increase conversion rates and will keep your visitors engaged and wanting more!

When I say convert, what I mean is when people visit your website, they stay on the page long enough to review your content and convert to potential clients. Whether it's a new lead (email address/phone number) or new paying client, that's a conversion. 

There are so many metrics you can review to determine if your website is converting well. For this blog post, I want to briefly share with you three ways to increase your website conversion rate: 

1) You have 0-8 seconds to grab the visitors attention- the person visiting your website should know within 8 seconds of being on your page what you do and who you serve. Write about two short lines at the top of the home page explaining who you are and what you do. This should be in simple language that they do not have decode i.e.: clinical lingo (I'm talking to you my medical professional colleagues!)

2) Simplicity is key- according to research from Stanford University, 46.1% of people said that the websites design is most important when determining if the company is credible. What that means is you need to create a clean site, not filled with clutter (i.e.- "like my Facebook page," pictures all over the place, multiple buttons etc). Brand colors, clean lines, keeping information clear and to the point, and making sure all button fonts and colors are legible is very important. 

3) Include what you want the visitor to do- This is known as your call to action (CTA). When someone visits your site, you want to direct them to your CTA, such as a sign up form, or lead magnet. If you sell a product, direct the visitor to your best selling or newest product from the top of the home page. Again, you only have 8 seconds to grab their attention and you will want to retain them as a client, so be sure to include a clear CTA. 

I hope you found these 3 quick tips helpful as you create (or edit) your website so you can close out the 4th quarter with an increased conversion rate!

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