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Before I completed my master’s degree in social work, I knew I wanted to run my own private practice when I graduated. I’ve always had a passion for helping others and creating change, so I knew the helping profession was meant for me. When I started in private practice, I had a supervisor tell me the work I was doing was similar to coaching rather than standard therapeutic techniques. Being a new eager clinician, I wanted to know more about coaching tools and how to use them with clients. I loved everything about coaching and would tell my friends and family I was going to run my own coaching business one day. They would just nod and listen to my dream, but I’m not sure they believed me, because I didn’t believe me. I couldn’t create the belief it was possible because I let fear be louder than my dreams. 


For a long time, fear and self-doubt ruled my life so I decided to put my dream on the back burner. I worked for a large corporate company, world-renowned hospitals and in private practice. I continued to say I would launch my coaching business one day, but I found myself avoiding the launch and instead providing public relations services and assisting other entrepreneurs in building and growing their businesses. Although I never felt fully satisfied in these roles, I am beyond grateful for the experience and knowledge each one provided. 


The thing about having a dream, even if you try to ignore it, it never really goes away. I tried to ignore the feelings of being unfulfilled, dissatisfied and trapped, but they continued to eat me alive. I would sit in an office thinking “I know my purpose is greater than these four walls.” The problem was I got stuck in what was comfortable and safe which meant I wasn't taking action towards change. Until one day I decided it was time for everything to shift. I chose to stop playing it safe, do the inner work and create a life and business I love and feel passionate about. With a few setbacks and bumps along the way, I can now say, I made my dreams a reality.




I am a life coach, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), professor, and motivational speaker. Through studying and using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) I've learned the importance of retraining our thoughts. My background in social work helps me assess the mental and emotional barriers that affect my clients as we work to overcome obstacles that prevent them from living the life they want. In helping entrepreneurs create and grow their business, I've had the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help my clients create work they love. I help clients grow their brand through brand str


My mission is to help clients gain clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue their wildest dreams, so they never have to feel unfulfilled, dissatisfied or stuck in a situation that doesn’t serve them. As your life coach, I will give you the tools needed to create lasting change and provide motivation, encouragement and hold you accountable so you achieve your goals.  

Why work with me?

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About Me: Testimonials

I have been working with Julia for over a year now. She has taught me how to handle everyday life challenges and be more confident, positive and love myself. Her methods have focused on my individual needs. Julia has been amazing and instrumental in helping me to live my best life!

Debbie M. 
Healthcare Professional

Julia is very thoughtful in her approach to coaching which empowers her clients to make solid choices and changes needed to optimize their potential. The energy she cultivates focuses more on the solution than feeding into the problem.

Dawn C. 
Executive Coach

Since working with Julia I've learned different tools to recognize and overcome barriers that were preventing me from achieving my goals. She helped me identify my strengths and how to best capitalize on them in business and personal relationships.

Jen B. 
Business Consultant

Julia was my backbone in preparation for my business launch! Her insight and experience carried me way further than I was ever able to take myself! Starting a business had been a dream of mine for so long, but it wasn’t until I had her counsel and coaching that I started making strides in my progress. She helped me stay focused on my goals and navigated me through challenges but also helped me improve my mindset, which were all essential in preparation for my successful launch. Julia is so passionate about her work, her coaching is personal, she gets into the grit of it all with you and I really felt supported the entire way, which is why I love working with her one-on-one. Her course is by far the best thing I could’ve done for my family and myself, the value is there. The affordability is there, but most importantly the resources she provided were amazing.

Jennifer M. 

Owner of Love Deklyn & Vilot Skin

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