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Hi, I'm Julia.

Life coach, licensed clinical social worker, professor and motivational speaker dedicated to helping you get out of your own way to achieve your goals

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What does it mean to be in your own way?

Sometimes, when you’re working towards a big goal, whether it's a career transition, launching your own business or finding a romantic partner, you may find that you begin to experience feelings of self-doubt, overwhelm and confusion. When you begin to experience these emotions and limiting beliefs, it becomes harder to move forward in the pursuit of achieving your goal.

​Often, we are in our own way when it comes to making changes in our life without even recognizing it. Our thoughts and behaviors become a part of us, and we create false narratives from past experiences.. Once you can bring awareness to what is holding you back, then you can begin to learn the tools needed to break unhealthy patterns that are preventing you from achieving your goal.

​Perhaps you’ve felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied, confused, trapped or anxious. You don’t want to live life on autopilot, you want to create a life that feels fulfilling, freeing, and exhilarating!

​Together we can work on identifying the emotional barriers that have prevented you from achieving your desires and help you create a life that makes you feel alive, confident, and empowered!


​As a life coach and licensed clinical social worker, I’ve made it my mission to help people create a life and business they love. I will give you the transformational and practical tools needed to create lasting change.

The life you dream of is available to you right now. Are you ready to take the first step towards change?


Let's get started!
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I've been there, seriously.

I remember the feeling of waking up each day confused, lost and unfulfilled. I felt trapped in jobs I didn't love, unhealthy relationships, and anxiety that consumed me to the point I couldn’t focus on anything else. I lacked confidence and my thoughts were filled with limiting beliefs that came from years of avoiding the inner work I needed to do to grow. I would choose a Netflix binge over facing my emotions any day of the week! I put my dreams on the back burner to avoid the discomfort I knew I would face to make them a reality. It wasn’t until I decided to hire a coach and start doing the inner work, that I made the changes needed to turn off autopilot in my life and create my destiny. I have never looked back. 

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A few things that could be in the way of achieving your dreams...

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The moment we have an idea, feel inspired to create something new or consider making a change, fear typically follows. Fear becomes this nagging voice that tells us to play it safe and stay in what's familiar by resisting change. Fear is our brain's way of protecting us from imminent danger. The thing is, it doesn't serve us when we are trying to create change because we aren't in danger, the fear is coming from our thoughts. Fear never really leaves our side, but it doesn't have to control us. Growth begins when we choose to develop the skill of taking action while feeling fear. 

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This is a biggie! Feeling unworthy can affect us in so many areas of our life, professionally, personally and romantically. When we believe we aren't worthy we're unable to make our dreams a reality because we believe we're not good enough. The problem with this belief is it becomes a continuous thought pattern that creates conditioning in our brain to make this thought feel like a fact. Many times we don't notice this thought as negative because it can show up in the most innocent ways. Now, before we move on, stop right here and let me make this very clear: 


Always have been. Always will be.


Whew! I could go on all day talking about what holds us back from achieving our goals, but I'll leave you with this gem. Perfectionism is the lowest standard we can set for ourselves. Why? Because no one is perfect. When we try to be perfect we're setting an unattainable standard and that will always cause a delay in making our dreams a reality. Most times we end up not starting at all just to avoid the fear that our work won't be good enough. Ah yes, see how all three things we discussed- fear, unworthiness and perfectionism are connected?  

Let's work together to discover your passion, overcome doubt, decrease feelings of anxiety and create lasting change in your life! 

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I believe that when people are given the transformational and practical tools needed to create lasting change, the possibilities are endless. My goal is to inspire, empower and guide clients along their journey while challenging them to achieve their dreams with confidence and courage. When you are living a life that makes you feel alive, a life that gives you exactly what you desire, it creates a ripple effect that will inspire other people to achieve their greatest potential. I want each person to feel the power within and know that they are in control of their thoughts, feelings and desires. ​

I am here for you and I will guide you every step of the way.

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Let's get started in creating the life you want!

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