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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my goal have to be business related?


No, a goal can be anything you want to achieve. Maybe your goal is to lose 30lbs, end a relationship, improve communication, start dating again, get a promotion, or simply to reduce anxiety and feel better. Whatever your goal is we will develop a plan together to help you implement tools needed to achieve your goal and create lasting change.


How do you help me understand what is holding me back?


Together we will work to identify where you are experiencing blocks through reflective listening and questions. Sometimes circumstances that occurred in our past show up subconsciously and cause barriers that prevent us from achieving our goal. When we’re able to identify the blocks and bring awareness to them we can begin to unpack the emotions and create an action plan to move forward.


I’ve seen some reviews that say you have helped people launch their business, is this the same as coaching?


I wear many hats! By way of education, I’m a licensed clinical social worker and life coach, and I’ve spent my career helping people improve their overall mental health and create a life they love. I’ve also worked in public relations, and my specialty is in brand strategy and brand awareness. As a life coach I’m able to assess emotional barriers preventing you from launching and creating a profitable business AND then we work together to overcome those barriers and the fun begins! From there, I will review your website and social media pages and provide you with feedback and direction to create a brand that stands out and increases profit. I’ve helped multiple business owners launch and grow their business through brand strategy and coaching and find that working in both areas have served my clients well. If you're interested in brand consulting we can discuss this during your free consultation and create a plan that feels like a fit for you and your business. (Stay tuned in 2022 for added brand services for individual clients and teams) 


Do you offer therapy if you’re a licensed clinical social worker?


I provide psychotherapy and coaching in my practice, however, I am not in-network with insurance plans at this time. During your consultation I will assess and determine which service will meet your needs (therapy or coaching) and then we can create a plan that works best for you. Should we decide that therapy is appropriate for you, you may contact your insurance provider in order to determine whether or not your policy covers out-of-network mental health providers. Upon request, I can provide a statement for you to submit to your insurance company for the possibility of partial or full reimbursement.


How long do I need coaching before I can achieve my goal?


That totally depends on your needs! Some people are able to achieve their goal within 3-4 sessions, others may need 12 sessions. We can discuss what you may be struggling with and determine your individual needs in a FREE 15-minute consultation.


I know what my problem is, why do I need to hire a life coach?


I would ask you, if you know what the issue is, what has prevented you from achieving your goal and why are you considering investing in a life coach now? It’s great to know what areas you need to work on, that’s the first step in creating change. The hardest part of achieving lasting change is by doing the work needed to make it happen. Having a coach by your side offers you accountability and guidance in taking the steps needed to change your life. Hiring a life coach is an investment that will create the change your desire, you just have to be ready and willing to do the work. 

What does the Dare to Lead logo on your page mean?

The logo means that I am certified trained in Dare to Lead based on the research of Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW. This training provided me with a wealth of knowledge that helped me grow professionally and personally. The skills obtained in the training serve me as a life coach and clinical social worker and I continue to utilize the skills in practice.  


How will I know if I will like working with you if we’ve never met?


Great question! That is exactly why I offer FREE 15-minute no-obligation consultations to assess your needs, discuss any concerns you may have and help you decide if I’m the right fit as your life coach. We can work through the feelings of fear, excitement and any reservations you may have about the program. Inquire here to learn more about the free consultation.

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